Ivan User Manuals

This page contains links to the ivan user manuals in Adobe PDF format. These are digital versions of our printed user manuals. These manuals are viewed using Acrobat Reader.

To download these manuals, right click on the link for the manual you want and then choose "Save Target As..." from the pop-up menu.

Quick Start Guide

The QuickStart Guide is a short (53 pages) manual designed to get you up and running with ivan in a short period of time. The initial chapters introduce terms used in the manual and provide an introduction to some concepts important for using ivan. The third chapter provides a short tutorial which gives step by step intructions for using ivan to create a simple sample schedule.

727 KB
The complete 53 page document
105 KB
The introductory chapters 1 & 2 which describe conventions used in the guide as well as some introductory terms that are useful when using ivan
667 KB
The third chapter of the guide. This chapter contains a tutorial for creating a basic schedule with ivan.

This chapter should be read by all first time users of ivan