How to Purchase ivan

ivan can be ordered online or manually. Regardless of your chosen payment method, once payment is confirmed we will provide you with a login ID and password which is then used to download the software from our downloads page.

Your login ID and password can also be used in the future to download any software updates that are released. ivan updates are available free for 12 months after the initial purchase.

After 12 months, updates continue to be available to people who pay the ivan annual maintainance fee.

Before you download the software you will be required to agree to the ivan licence agreement. If you would like to read the licence before proceeding with payment click on the "Ivan Licence" link on the right hand side of this page.

We accept:

ivan can be purchased online with either Mastercard, Bankcard or Visa. If you choose to purchase online you will be required to enter your name, address and phone number. After entering your contact details you will be asked to verify them. Once you have confirmed your contact details are correct, you will be redirected to the Commonwealth Bank Secure Credit Card Gateway to make your payment. On completion you will be returned to our web site to obtain final confirmation and your download password.

McLachlan Software do not handle any part of your credit card transaction and at the end of the purchase will not have any information regarding your credit card number or even the type of card that was used. All credit card details will be collected and verified by the Commonwealth Bank over a secure (encrypted) internet link.

Once payment has been verified you will be returned to our web site where your payment will be confirmed. If your payment was successful you will be provided with a login and password that will provide access to the ivan download page. We do not email the login and password but display it on a web page using a secure connection. If you have entered your email address you will be sent a confirmation by email. If your email address is not available or is invalid you will have to rely on the confirmation web page that is displayed. Although we keep a record of the transaction, it would be a good idea to print the confirmation page so that you have a hard copy for your own records.

The price of ivan can be seen on our pricing page. There is a significant advantage to overseas purchasers when purchasing online as the same price applies to all countries.

If you prefer not to order the software online you can still purchase the software by sending a purchase request with a cheque or international money order for the required amount to McLachlan Software Pty. Limited.

If you wish to make other arrangements to purchase the software (such as direct deposit for example), then you are welcome to contact us by phone, facsimile, post or email.

Our contact details are available here: Contact Us

If you are ordering the software manually the price of ivan varies depending on the country of the purchaser. Prices may be seen by looking at our pricing page. If you purchase online then the price will be the same regardless of your location.

Once your order is received and your payment has been processed our staff will contact you to provide logon details for the download area of our web site.