Saving an existing ivan database for use with a new ivan installation.

Note: The following assumes that your database directory is c:\ivanw\testdb. If you are unsure whether this is the case you can check the programme properties of the ivan icon. The name after the -d is your database directory. E.G. For c:\ivanw\ivanw.exe -d testdb -c xxxx c:\ivanw\testdb is the database

Renaming ivanw before a new installation

  1. Open the Windows Explorer from Start Menu\Programs.

    To run the Windows Explorer click on the Start Menu icon that looks like the one displayed in the left hand part of the page. When the Start Menu pops up move to the 'Programs' sub menu. You will find 'Windows Explorer' in this sub menu.

  2. In Windows Explorer select the directory .

    If your ivanw directory is elsewhere then locate it using the Windows Explorer. If you are unsure how to do this read your Windows Help or see your system supervisor.

  3. Choose rename from the File menu.

  4. The name of the directory is highlighted and the cursor is placed in a box surrounding the directory name (like this ). Rename the directory to ivanwold (or something else if you prefer). E.G.

  5. Quit the Windows Explorer by clicking on the icon or choosing 'Close' from the File menu.
  6. Now install ivan as per the installation notes provided with the diskettes. Once the installation has completed we will restore your previous working directory:

    Restoring the testdb directory

  1. Open the Windows Explorer from the Start Menu.

  2. Select the directory which is located in the ivanwold directory.
  3. Hold down the control key and then drag the testdb directory to the directory by holding the mouse button down and dragging the mouse.

  4. A dialogue will appear telling you that there is already a 'testdb' directory present and asking whether you want to replace it. The correct response is YES.

  5. Quit Windows Explorer by clicking on the icon or choosing 'Close' from the File menu.

    Further enquiries

    For any further information or should you require assistance contact:

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