Creating a New Database for ivan


Note: The following assumes that ivan is installed on the C Drive. If you are unsure whether this is the case you can check with your system supervisor. In the case that the installation drive is not drive C replace all references in this document to c:\ivanw to reflect the drive ivan is installed on.

E.G. Where ivan is installed on drive m: type m:\ivanw in place of c:\ivanw.

This document assumes that you are familiar with the Windows explorer and know how to copy files on your computer. If this is not the case it is recommended that you first investigate a Microsoft help file or document describing operation of the Windows Explorer.

Summary: An ivan database consists of a series of files and directories. To create a database (say my_db) you create a directory with the name of the database (ie. my_db) and then place a copy of the file dictw.d (located in the original installation database (ie. c:\ivanw\testdb) into the directory. Ivan database names should be 7 characters or less.

  1. To create a new ivan database you need to create a database directory in the c:\ivanw directory. See Windows help if you are unsure how to create a directory.

    E.G. To create a database called my_db. You create a directory called my_db in:


  2. Now you need to copy the file dictw.d from an existing ivan database. Note you can copy in the Windows Explorer by locating a dictw.d file and clicking ONCE on it, choose copy from the EDIT menu.

  3. Now select (highlight) the target directory (ie. My_DB) in the left hand panel of the explorer and choose PASTE from the EDIT menu.

The new database directory should now contain the dictw.d file. In the Windows Explorer this will look something like this:


Ivan will create additional files and directories it needs the first time it is run. After running ivan for the first time your new database directory will look like this:



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