About Talis Angus

Alex and Barbara McLachlan commenced the Airlie Charolais stud in 1978 and over the years have experienced great success in shows and sales with this breed.

In 1995 they made the decision to branch into Angus and started the Talis Angus stud. The herd was started with two Merrigrange Milicent females, MGGG110 & MGGG120, acquired from the Glanarland dispersal. These Dams are still active in our herd today and have produced some champion Talis animals.

To ensure the herd reached the highest available standard all foundation females were purchased from dispersals. We have acquired foundation females from well known studs which include Sparta, Masterton, Willsbro, Fellwood & Comfort Hill.

Our breeding programme utilises Embryo Transplantation (ET) and Artificial Insemination (AI) to advance our genetic programme.

McLachlan Group has continued the same pattern of success that it achieved with its Airlie Charolais Stud. We have won the Hordern Trophy at the Sydney Royal multiple times and have won the interbreed at the Royal Queensland with both breeds. McLachlan's Talis animals continue to win awards and in August 2005 they won the Royal Queensland Interbreed with Talis Yaaper Y509. This was not an unexpected result, Talis have had the runner-up in the female interbreed competition twice in the past four years.

We are members of Angus Breedplan and as an aid for your selection the Talis herd has been enrolled on Group Breedplan.

We welcome your enquiry about the Talis programme and offer herd inspections at any time by appointment.